Advising Services

The Math Center has several different types of advisors to meet your specific needs.  For more information about advising within the Math Department, departmental procedures and resources, appointment and email etiquette and more, see our Advising Syllabus.

Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Laurie Varecka, the Undergraduate Program Coordinator, is available for your general advising needs. She provides assistance with issues like: declaring the math major or minor, policy questions, course selection for students in the first few semesters of the major, questions about advisement reports, etc. If you have a question and are not sure whom to ask, she is a good place to start. To ask a question, request an appointment, or view availability for walk-in advising, please use the Contact Us form (Laurie is the primary person who answers these messages; other staff can check them as well if she is out or busy).

General Education Advising

Tharini "Raini" Wijeweera provides help with general education and/or transfer questions only for Math Majors in the Gould–Simpson Building room 1017.

Faculty Advisors

To help you create a course of study best suited to your talents, interests, and goals, faculty members from the Mathematics Department have volunteered to act as advisors for math majors. As students progress in the math major, they are assigned faculty advisors based on the math major emphasis that has been selected. Your advisor will then—and each term thereafter —discuss your educational plans with you and help you set up a mathematics program. He or she can provide more helpful information regarding the content and difficulty level of the specialized 400-level courses that you will be taking. For students who have selected a math major emphasis that has a flexible fifth 400-level course, the course selection must be approved by the faculty advisor; in fact, he or she will be the one to verify that your math major is complete when it comes time to graduate. Your faculty advisor is also a source of information about careers and/or graduate school, and may know of research and internship opportunities within the University and across the country. Each semester, students are sent a message before priority registration begins to make sure they know who their faculty advisors are and how to reach them. Please watch for this message from

College Advisors

The College of Science Advising Office is available for math majors who need to start their degree checks, are looking for permission to enroll in extra units for a semester, who need the Dean's permission to withdraw from a course after the deadline (or other petition-related items), or if an urgent matter arises and the Undergraduate Program Coordinator is not available. The College of Science Advising Office is located in the Gould–Simpson Building room 1017. If math is not your primary major, please consult with your primary college's advising office for assistance with these issues.

Other information

Dr. Velez, Associate Head for Undergraduate Affairs, advising a math major.