Unit overloads

Students are limited to 19 units per semester (during priority registration, non-honors students can only add up to 16 units, but that cap is raised to 19 once priority registration is over).  Students wishing to exceed the 19 unit limit may request to do so, but only after priority registration has ended for everyone.

Procedure:  If Math is your primary/first (or only) major, contact the Math Center by email from your official UA email address.  We need to know  

  • How many units you are hoping to take
  • Which courses you would be adding to your existing schedule

If we have additional questions about your course load, we will reply to your email.  Overload requests will be handled strictly through email, to ensure that we have your plans in writing.

If Math is not your primary major, you will need to check with the advisor for your primary major for instructions.  

Please note that in the College of Science, students must have a strong GPA (at least 3.0) and have demonstrated that they can handle a fairly heavy course load and still earn good grades.

Math course overloads

Most math majors take 1-2 MATH courses in a given term.  Students planning to enroll in three MATH courses in a single semester are advised to talk to their math faculty advisor before finalizing their schedule. The Math Department requires that students enrolling in four or more MATH courses for a single term obtain permission from their math faculty advisor. Note that special courses like Supplemental Instruction, Workshops, Teaching Assistantship enrollment, and Pedagogy courses for the Secondary Math Education Program are not counted toward this limit.  Students who select four or more MATH courses will be contacted and given some time to consult with their math faculty advisors; excess courses will be dropped if permission is not granted.