Unit limit during priority registration:  To increase course accessibility to students and decrease course hoarding during the 5 weeks of Priority Registration, a 16-unit maximum limit is placed on enrollment via UAccess Student for all continuing students.  Following the Priority Registration period, all continuing students will have access to UAccess Student to add additional units up to the 19-unit maximum set by their college.  Exception - Active participants in the Honors Program will be permitted to add up to the 19-unit maximum during their Priority Registration weeks.

Since students are limited to 16 units during priority registration (unless they are active in the honors college), it is a good idea to prioritize your courses.  Consider giving higher priority to courses that are prerequisites in your major or minor and courses that are offered infrequently (be sure to consult catalog.arizona.edu for information about when courses are offered - see courses > course descriptions; when looking at a specific course, click the green "View class sections" button.  This opens a dialog where you can view past terms in which the course was scheduled, including number of sections and more).  If you want to add more than 16 units for fall, determine now which course(s) in your shopping cart have the lowest priority and plan to add those once priority registration has ended.