While the Registrar's office determines whether or not transfer course work is acceptable for UA credit, it is up to individual departments to determine whether the content of a transfer course is sufficiently similar to a UA course to count as that UA course in a student's program.  Courses must be evaluated for transfer; some commonly evaluated types of courses are listed below with information about how to have a course evaluated.  Since this information may be updated by other departments, please let us know if you find information here is outdated (mcenter@math.arizona.edu).

In-State Transfers:  many in-state courses do not need evaluation; to see how your course transfers to UA, check the online course equivalency guide:




Math:  read the information at http://math.arizona.edu/academics/placement/credits  and follow the instructions.  Placement information for transfer students is posted at http://math.arizona.edu/academics/placement/transfer  These links are also available through your Next Steps Center if you are an incoming student.

Biology:   submit the form at https://aztransmac2.asu.edu/cgi-bin/WebObjects/acres.woa/wa/form?id=498.

Chemistry:  read the information at http://cbc.arizona.edu/education/undergrad/transfer_evaluation and follow the instructions.

Computer Science:  follow the instructions at https://aztransmac2.asu.edu/cgi-bin/WebObjects/acres.woa/wa/form?id=498.  Click “Save Changes” to submit and please submit one form per course.  This is the same form that is used for Physics.

English:  read the information at https://english.arizona.edu/writing-program/transfer-students  and follow the instructions.

General Education:  contact College of Science advisor Tharini “Raini” Wijeweera: raini@email.arizona.edu.  Please send your message from your official UA email address and include your student ID number.



  • If you have taken your courses in the US, submit your course information here: https://aztransmac2.asu.edu/cgi-bin/WebObjects/acres.woa/wa/form?id=498. Click “Save Changes” to submit and please submit one form per course.  This is the same form that is used for Computer Science.
  • If you took Physics units outside of the US, please e-mail this information with an attached syllabus and course information directly to ugrad-advising@physics.arizona.edu.

All students must include a link or attach information to the catalog description and a detailed syllabus.  The syllabus must list the topics covered each week, the textbooks used and the number of contact hours each week.  Please submit your information well in advance to allow adequate time for review.  We cannot review courses that do not include a detailed syllabus and lab information (if applicable).

Second Language:  contact the department for your specific language.  If the language is not commonly taught, contact the Linguistics department.  See

http://directory.arizona.edu/departments/academic  for a listing of departments and to find their contact information.