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6.1. New prerequisites for DATA/MATH 363

Course requisite and major curriculum updates

Data Science requires skills in computation, particularly Python and SQL.

Python Programming

The SDS major already requires that students complete a Python programming course (CSC 110 or ISTA 130, typically) but to ensure that students are learning Python early and to give them more opportunities to use Python in other courses including 363, we are adding a Python programming course as prerequisite to DATA/MATH 363 effective Spring 2023. Having some programming background prior to 363 will also make it easier for students to learn R as part of the course - another important tool for Data Science.

Students who have already taken 363 are naturally exempt from this prerequisite, but are encouraged to take their Python course as soon as possible.

Are there other options to fulfill this requirement besides CSC 110 or ISTA 130? For many students, a formal course will be the best way to really learn Python. However, some students may find that an online course works better for their needs. The following courses from codecademy have been approved (email the Math Center with proof of completion if you have finished one of them):

As of fall semester 2022, we are also looking at some newer UArizona courses that now teach Python as possible options. If you find a course that you think might work, feel free to send us the syllabus - new courses seem to keep popping up!

Data Management/SQL

Effective in Fall 2023, we are adding a Data Management/SQL requirement to the SDS major AND as a pre- or co-requisite to DATA/MATH 363. ISTA 322 is available to our students and requires only a programming course (ISTA 130 or CSC 110) as prerequisite. The skills learned in this course will be useful to students as they work on their data projects in DATA/MATH 363 as well as in later courses. CSC 460 also works, but has additional upper-division CS courses as prerequisites, so is less accessible. If you find other courses that you think may be similar, please let us know.

Students who have already taken 363 are naturally exempt from this pre- or co-requisite, but are encouraged to still find time to take a course in Data Management/SQL since these are skills that potential employers will be looking for.

For Statistics & Data Science majors who have selected BS for their degree, we can replace 3 units of Application Course work with ISTA 322. Please let us know when you are enrolled in ISTA 322 so we can make this adjustment for you. (email and ask us to substitute ISTA 322 for an application course).

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